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Here's a little bit more information about our little company and our world famous casting kits.

You get what you pay for

We know we’re not the cheapest option when it comes to buying a home casting kit, and that’s okay. You can buy super cheap kits that have been mass produced in China and they are cheap for a reason.

The cost difference is because our hand casting kits are far superior quality. They are the only kits that have been developed by the world’s leading lifecasting artists and use the best quality materials and instructions.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind if the detail isn’t so good, then the cheaper kits are fine. We think it’s great that there are affordable options for everyone :)

couples casting kit
The Edinburgh Casting Studio's
Special Recipe Moulding Alginate
Re-usable casting bucket
Fully illustrated step by step
instructions booklet.
The Edinburgh Casting Studio's
Special Recipe Stone Powder
Sealant, Paintbrush, Wooden Tidying
Tool, Latex-Free Gloves

About our

Casting kits

Our British-made kits include everything you need to make the highest quality, finely detailed cast (except an electric mixer!)

Unlike cheaper imported kits you may have seen, we don’t include extra plastic bits and bobs because we hate waste and we’d rather spend that money on making sure the all-important casting materials are the very best they can be.

We’re often asked “can it go wrong” and the honest answer is “yes, occasionally”. But when you buy one of our kits you can trust us to help you make it right. Whether that means sending you some more casting materials or giving you expert technical tips, we’re here to hold your hand :)

Get started with a

Who is it for?

Our kits are perfect for anyone who needs to make a lasting memory of real quality to cherish forever.

Our casting material is totally skin safe and non-toxic so fine to use on babies or delicate older skin.

It also sets nice and quickly (1-3 minutes) so is ideal for everyone including young, elderly or frail customers who can’t stay in the same position for up to 10 minutes (the setting time for most of the cheaper kits we’ve tested).

We work with hospices and hospitals across the UK providing discounted kits and materials to make important end-of-life casts. Hospices, hospitals and funeral directors can contact us here

A bit about us

We are a small, friendly, female-led studio specialising in lifecasting and sculpture.

As the team behind Wrightson & Platt, the world’s leading lifecasting business, we have a combined 80+ years’ experience of making amazing family memories. After many years of creating precious casts in bronze, glass, silver and gold for our clients, we decided we’d like to make the experience of lifecasting available to everyone which is why we started selling our world-famous home casting kits!

We truly understand how precious these tangible memories are for our families and are always happy to offer technical tips and advice as well as a unique professional tidy & paint service and options to make copies or even turn your cast into bronze in our in-house foundry.

While the studio was originally set up in Edinburgh, we are now located in a quiet residential area of south-east London and it is here that we create, package and ship out your kits – all 100% made in the UK by a team that really cares.

Hold onto the ones you love with our Casting Kits

Capture a moment in time and a perfect keepsake to treasure forever. Fun to make and precious to keep!

Get inspired by watching Grandad Martyn and Kit make a beautiful memory to treasure forever.

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