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​How to Create a Stunning Hand Cast Table Centerpiece

The Thanksgiving table needs to WOW! As the whole family gathers around for a gut-busting celebration, all eyes are drawn to table décor. If it’s your joy to host, you’d better hope you have done enough to impress! Never fear, we have an idea that will earn you kudos among even the hardest to please… […]

How to Create an Amazing Hand Cast Heart Lamp

Nothing kills a romantic atmosphere like the wrong lighting! Soft candlelight sets the scene for love; or, alternatively, how about a heart-shaped light made from a cast of your hands? That surely gets bonus points for originality! Our hand-cast heart lamp has got the seal of approval from our followers on  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – with lots of cooing […]

Gift Idea for Mum! Succulent Hand-Cast Planter

High-street or handmade, which makes the best gift?  For Mums, it’s a thorny issue… on one hand, it’s wonderful when your kids pour time and effort into making something! On the other, mums deserve to unwrap a gift that they will truly love, not ONLY because it was made by their youngster!  For the best […]

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