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The Valentine’s Gift She REALLY Wants

Edinburgh Casting Studio Couples Casting Kit, Large Glass Dome

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, boyfriends and husbands are walking a tightrope. They want to get a gift that earns them kudos, but they want to stop short of try-hard! We reckon we have just the answer with our Couple Casting Kit, a Valentine’s gift that brings couples together for a fun experience and also gives them a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever. Whether you’re in the first flush of romance or planning to pop the question, this thoughtful, original gift is bound to earn you serious points!

Amazing ring detail

What’s Inside Our Couple Casting Kit?

Our Couple Casting Kit is a DIY home casting kit that makes a sculpture of a couple’s hands held together. The kit contains all the materials you need to carry out a casting, along with a detailed instructions booklet. The brilliant thing about this gift is that it brings you and your partner together for a creative activity – if you’re old enough, think Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in THAT sizzling scene in Ghost! It only takes an hour to create the hand-cast leaving you with a stunning sculpture you can marvel at for years to come.

Is It Easy To Make A Couple Hand Cast?

Hand casting with our Couple Casting Kit is really easy. Even if you’re not a ‘crafty’ type, just follow the instructions in the kit and you will get a great result. Our booklet has been written by our team of professional casters so we’re confident that they’ve covered everything! We also suggest taking a look at our hand blog here to get some top tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

To make the mould, mix seaweed-based alginate with water and watch it turn into a gloopy pink jelly. Choose a handhold that reflects your relationship (classic clasp, or pinky promise?), plunge in your hands, and wait 2-3 minutes for the mould to turn from pink to whitish-grey.

Once you’ve wiggled your hands free, mix up the stone powder and water, then pour into the mould. It takes a few minutes to rock ‘n’ roll the bucket to make sure the stone mixture gets into every nook and cranny. Afterwards, wait 30-60 minutes for the stone to set. Upturn the bucket, release the mould, and peel away alginate until the ‘Big Reveal’ is complete.

A moment to remember forever

Will My Valentine Love Her Hand Cast?

We’re pretty sure your Valentine will love the hand casting experience, and the end result!

Our Couple Casting Kit has been created from the best quality casting materials. It creates an amazing, life-like hand-cast, cloning the fine detail of rings and the creases of the skin. Like no other gift this Valentine’s Day, it captures a moment in time… like a 3D selfie of the love you share!

If you fancy giving this amazing gift this Valentine’s Day, buy your Couple Casting Kit here. And if you really want to push the boat out, we have our Ultimate Couple Casting Bundle which includes a beautiful glass dome, tote bag and fairy lights to display your finished work of art.

Please share your results – we’d love to see photos and video of your casting experience, and your finished piece on display in your home. If you’d like to film a video review, even better! Hit us with your #HappyCasting story here.

Happy Casting!



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